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Access to Information

Requests to Access Client Information

The National Privacy Principle 6 applies only to individuals accessing information about themselves. Clients may request access to the information kept on their file at any time. Should you require your file notes, speak to your changemakers psychologist. Your psychologist may wish to discuss file contents with you prior to providing you with a copy.

Access to couple or joint files will not automatically be given to one partner (or a legal representative). Access to couple or joint files will not be released without the prior written consent of both partners. Where information is sought by a third party, written consent by both partners must be sought before any information will be released.

Where applicable, any information released without proper written consent by both partners, will pertain soley to the individual making the request. In this case, any and all references made to/about the second partner will be withheld.

Need more information?

For any further information about our privacy policy, please contact us at our East Doncaster, Melbourne clinic by calling (03) 9848 5504 or by email.

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