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Aged Care Psychology and Counselling Service

At Changemakers Counselling and Psychology we believe that all aged care residents have a right to receive appropriate clinical care that respects individual choice, meets individual needs and preferences and is designed to promote physical and mental health and wellbeing to an optimum level.

In support of this philosophy, Changemakers Counselling and Psychology offers the opportunity for residents living in care, to spend time with a fully trained and registered psychologist, allowing a private space to talk, to improve quality of life and provide strategies to manage behaviours (family members are most welcome to be present during consultations).

One of the benefits that counselling gives residents, is the opportunity to discuss things that might be considered 'hard to talk about' with families. A second benefit, although not strictly psychological treatment, is the benefit derived by having an added visitor.

Many aged care residents have few visitors and can lose their sense of identity as a result. Having that extra visitor can give residents a feeling of independence and importance which can go a long way in making them feel that they are special, and worthwhile. And from our experience, anticipating the arrival of a special visitor gives some residents a real boost and can really make their day.

A Changemakers psychologist can visit your facility on a regular basis to offer this service to residents. This service is available to all residents at no extra cost, however, formal consent from families for Bulk Billing Purposes is required.

If you feel that your residents would benefit from a psychologist review, or feel they might benefit from speaking to a professional, please don't hesitate in contacting Julianna (0424355804) to arrange a time for us to visit

Need more information?

For any further information about our aged care service or the conditions we treat, please contact us at our East Doncaster, Melbourne clinic by calling (03) 9848 5504 or by email.

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