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Children’s Files

Requests to Access Children's Information

Parents wishing to view a child´s file, may not assume automatic right to access. In the case of an adolescent or under-age client, each case will be assessed in accordance with the Privacy Act guidelines. National Privacy Principle 2.4 allows that a psychologist may disclose health information about a client to the client´s parent if:

(a) the client is incapable of giving consent or cannot communicate consent AND

(b) the psychologist is satisfied that disclosure is necessary to provide appropriate care or treatment of the client OR the disclosure is made for compassionate reasons AND the disclosure is not contrary to any wish expressed by the client before the client became unable to communicate consent AND of which the psychologist is aware AND the disclosure is limited to the extent reasonable and necessary for a purpose as mentioned in (b).

Need more information?

For any further information about our privacy policy, please contact us at our East Doncaster, Melbourne clinic by calling (03) 9848 5504 or by email.

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