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Rebates & Concessions

What are our concession and rebate options?

Medicare & The Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative

Mental illness is a more common experience than you might imagine. About one in five Australians will experience a mental illness in any given year. Almost half will experience a mental illness at some stage in their lives. In November 2006, the government approved funding for the expansion of services delivered by psychologists providing more Australians with better access to mental health care than ever before.

Your GP can help

Talking to a GP is the first step towards getting help. Each year around three-quarters of a million Australians seek help from a GP for a mental health condition. If you feel you need help to improve your mental health, your GP can help by discussing any concerns you have and advising you on what to do next.


Your GP may refer you for psychological treatment. If you agree, your GP will provide your psychologist with a copy of your health plan. Your GP will ask you to return for a review of your health plan to ensure you are getting the help you need.

Need more information?

For any further information about rebates & concessions, please contact us at our East Doncaster, Melbourne clinic by calling (03) 9848 5504 or by email.

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