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Confusion about sexual orientation.

Are you confused about your sexuality? Do you align with a sexual identity or orientation contrary to the beliefs of family? Do you fear being ridiculed or rejected because of your sexuality? Do you feel isolated, afraid or angry about issues to do with you sexuality?

Human sexuality is a rich and complex area of human experience that describes how you express yourself as a sexual being. Because your sexuality is so personal, issues surrounding your sexual orientation or identity may be difficult to discuss with family or friends.

Changemakers counsellors understand the confusion these issues can bring into your life. We know how these issues and feelings raised by your sexuality can adversely affect your self esteem, family relationships and your physical and psychological wellbeing.

If you are grappling with finding an understanding about yourself in this area, we can help you get to a place that makes sense, feels right and enables you to live the life you want to lead.

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