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Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a normal part of human experience, and is usually a response to a stressful situation. However sometimes anxiety can go beyond the ‘normal’ and can be experienced greater than can reasonably be expected given the situation In worse cases, anxiety can lead to a panic attack. When this occurs, or when anxiety is getting in the way of your personal goals, then it might be a sign that help is needed.

A common concern that clients voice when meeting with psychologists and counsellors at New Vision Psychology is the impact of anxiety on their performance. Clients are distressed about the impact of anxiety when in the workplace, in interviews, going for a promotion, public speaking, meeting new people, finding a partner, starting new studies, sexual performance and generally when trying to ‘live life to the fullest’. Clients often feel held back by their anxiety, given the significant feelings of fear that anxiety causes … read more about Stress, Anxiety and Depresion.

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