How to be More Spontaneous

SpontaneousSome folks are too spontaneous perhaps: the tattoo at 3 a.m., the $500 pair of shoes, the blurting out the first thing that comes to their minds. But for a lot of the rest of us the dial might be a bit too far in the other direction: even small decisions are as weighty as those of the Supreme Court; everyday life is heavily routinized and breaking out in even small ways can require a lot of planning. Maybe it’s time to loosen up.

But as that famous phrase Be Spontaneous Now connotes, it’s not a head thing that you can come at directly, that you can think through. That said there are planned steps you can take to lighten your stride. It’s about shifting your source of internal info, rewiring your brain through action, and getting comfortable with taking risks.

Listen to your gut

What gets in the way of spontaneity is your rational, overly-cautious and often-anxious brain: the think-twice, should-you or shouldn’t-you, what-will-others-think, the unexpected-is-scary modes of dealing with the world. We manage to keep a lot of this mental chatter down by simply falling to set-routines and auto-pilot behavior. Spontaneity resides not in this heady stuff but in our gut – the wants and not-wants, the like and not like. You want to become more aware of these feelings, however quiet they may be, in order to learn to tune into them, increase their power, rely on them as a source of information about you and your needs. You can start by simply asking how you feel about something – like or not – and not dismissing it. Better yet, taking action on it before it fades away. Sorry, drunk shopping doesn’t count … read more on How to be More Spontaneous.

Source: Psychology Today