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When Trust Hits Rough Waters

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve most likely experienced a close relationship where trust had been broken. Perhaps a friend turned his or her back on you during a time of need. Maybe your partner cheated on you. Or perhaps your son or daughter lied to you. In this post, we’ll explore how meditation helps us during times when our trust has been betrayed.

The Aftermath of Broken Trust

When someone breaks the bond of trust we’ve built with them, a series of worries often follows. If the person will continue to be in our lives we may ask, “Will they do it again?” If we’ll no longer see the person, we may wonder, “Will someone else hurt me like this?”

These questions rooted in fear, are ones I hear regularly from my clients in my private therapy practice (link is external). In order to understand the fears associated with a betrayal of trust, we need to understand how trust is rooted in attachment.

Think of life as a river. Imagine that you and someone you care about were floating downstream together. While the person you’re with may ride the same current all the way to the ocean with you, this may not happen … read more about When Trust Hits Rough Waters.

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