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When to Love or Hate an Addict

I’m optimistic about the future of addiction recovery. Ongoing research into the brain has led to new understandings in prevention, identification, treatment, and relapse reduction. At 85 years old I am just grateful that I’ve lived long enough to feel a part of the fighting chance that now exists.

In the spirit of this perseverance, I want to share a letter that I received from a colleague who experienced a transformation while reading The Craving Brain. Knowledge is power when it is combined with meaning, and particularly so when it is combined with hope. Thank you, Patrick Ryan, for sharing your words with me. I know that there are others who have experienced a similar change when they’ve come to understand the nature of addiction. And I know that there are much more desperate to find their way to the place you are now. You have put the “you can be here” mark on the map.

The following is a guest post written by Patrick Ryan, M.D.

I grew up hating alcoholics and for good reason. Although my father was a physician, he was never able to rid himself of his terrible addiction to alcohol. Largely as a result of his drinking, my five siblings and I were permanently scarred by extreme poverty and the social ills that accompany being poor .. read more about When to Love or Hat an Addict.

Source: Psychology Today