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How Workplace Bullying is Impacting LGBT

Harassment in any form can be debilitating. In the recent news we have read about more and more women (link is external) coming forward sharing their experiences of sexual harassment, whether it was in the workplace or otherwise—these women felt powerless to men at the time.

New research indicates that LGBT workers are facing bullying in an area that should be a safe place—their office or place of employment. Two in five LGBT workers (40 percent) report feeling bullied at work, 11 percentage points higher than the national average of all workers combined. Fifty-six percent of bullied LGBT workers report being bullied repeatedly, according to a new nationwide survey by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder (link is external).

Michael Erwin, director of corporate communications and social media at CareerBuilder said, “Bullying of any kind or of anyone has no place in the workplace – period,” and continued, “Employers have a responsibility to create a safe working environment for all employees. They can minimize this destructive behavior by offering sensitivity training and enforcing anti-bullying policies across their organizations.” … read more about How Workplace Bullying is Impacting LGBT Employees.

Source: Psychology Today