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Our understanding Psychologists at Changemakers are always willing to listen when you need to talk. Years of clinical and life experience have ensured that we are attentive and attuned to your needs when it matters the most.

Helen Hadley

Helen has worked extensively as a counsellor since 2008 With a diploma in Holistic Living Counselling, a diploma in Meditation Teacher Training and a post graduate qualification.
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Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White is a registered psychologist with a background in pharmacy, previously working as a
pharmacist in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and pharmacy research and education.
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Julie Garner

Julie initially trained as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and worked with clients with acquired brain injuries, within interdisciplinary rehabilitation teams within hospitals, in private practice and residential settings.
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Carmen Steger

Carmen has also worked as a police psychologist and consulted with individuals and organisations on various matters including effective communication, trauma reactions, stress management and EAP. Read More

Joshua Ranger

Josh completed his Master of Clinical Psychology in Queensland in 2018 and has obtained significant experience and skill in the assessment and treatment of clients across the lifespan from children to adults.
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Antoinette Kibel

Antoinette is a Registered Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience providing individual and group counselling. Antoinette’s professional practice has included providing assessment, counselling and therapy.
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Maree Daly

Maree Daly has been a Clinical Psychologist since 2008 and brings to DS Psychology Group a wealth of experience, particularly in the area of aged psychiatry.
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