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Julianna Bonola

Clinical Director and Principal Psychologist

BA, BBSc (Hons.) Psychology MAPs

juliannabonolaCropped“I am lucky to have had vast experience with people from all walks of life… I enjoy making a positive difference people’s lives.”

Julianna Bonola works with individuals and couples, and brings extensive experience working with a diverse range of people. She is highly experienced at working with those who have experienced trauma, or been the victim of a criminal act. More recently she has begun working with elderly clients.

Julianna uses an integrative approach to individual counselling. The client is seen holistically functioning within the complexity of the body, mind and spiritual dimensions. Working collaboratively with the client’s therapeutic goals and presenting issues, Julianna uses a variety of tools and techniques to tailor therapy to each client’s specific needs, and works towards real, positive, and effective change in their lives.

Julianna’s preferred therapeutic approaches include:

  • Existential / phenomenological therapy
  • Developmental therapy
  • Emotion focused therapy
  • CBT, ACT, mindfulness and MCBT
  • Solution-oriented therapy
  • Behavioural therapy (including breathwork and somatic release work)
  • Trauma therapy
  • Neuro-psychotherapy

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