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Julie Garner

Clinical Psychologist

B. Sc (Hons), Grad. Cert. (Family Therapy), M. Psych.

Carmen Steger - Changemakers Counselling and Psychology

Julie initially trained as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and worked with clients with acquired brain injuries, within interdisciplinary rehabilitation teams within hospitals, in private practice and residential settings. Julie completed further training in family therapy and clinical psychology and for the latter half of her career has worked primarily as a Clinical Psychologist with children, parents and adults in schools, private clinics, residential and home-based settings. Julie provides a flexible and compassionate approach, utilizing a range of clinical therapies tailored to a client’s strengths and challenges, including strategic psychotherapies, “ACT” and mindfulness-integrated cognitive-behavioural approaches. Julie has also undertaken training in clinical hypnosis; which can also be utilized as a vehicle for facilitating change.

Julie assists adults to develop strategies to manage a range of psychological concerns such as anxiety and mood disorders, life transition and adjustment issues that may also be associated with other medical, neurological or psychiatric conditions. Julie finds it valuable to work with people within their residential and community-based contexts, whereby she incorporates family and systems-based approaches. Such contexts also provide opportunities, for example, to implement strategies such as exposure therapies regarding anxiety concerns. Julie also utilizes her specialized neuro-behavioural assessment and rehabilitation skills to assist clients with strategies regarding cognitive, communication, social and behavioural concerns, including consultation and collaboration with caregivers, allied health and medical professionals.

Julie is available for appointments with clients within their residential settings on Mondays.

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